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Discover Chignahuapan, the heart of Puebla


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Below is an overview of this Magical Town: a brief history, festivities, climate and how to get there using different kinds of transportation.

Are you ready for adventure?




In pre-Hispanic Mexico, from the 7th century, Totonacas, Nahuas, Otomíes and Tepehuas occupied the region.

During the colonial period the Chichimecas settled. 

In 1481, the village of Tetehuitic was founded, where the god of rain, Mixcóatl, was worshiped.

Santiago Chiquinahuitle was founded in 1527.

More than three centuries later, in 1847, the town received its current name, Villa de Chignahuapan.

The city is currently part of the Magical Towns program since 2012.



La fiesta del Santo Patrono, Santiago the Apostle, is celebrated every 25 July with a procession that includes fireworks and that goes from the Santuario del Honguito to the Parish of Santiago Apostol.

Secondly, the weekend closest to the Day of the Dead, there is the Festival de Luz y la Vida, an unparalleled event in which a march  with torches alluding to the souls on the road to Mictlán is organized from downtown to the Laguna de Chignahuapan, where a floating pyramid with fluorescent lights is placed.

This is a spectacle worth witnessing at least once in a lifetime.

Finally, December’s festivities are also a favorite of those who travel to Chignahuapan, as in the central square there is a monumental Christmas tree, and a monumental sphere with more than one hundred thousand lights who have made the city popular.




 Chignahuapan, the gateway to the northern highlands of the state of Puebla, borders to the north with Zacatlán; to the south with Tlaxcala; to the east with Aquixtla, Puebla; and to the west with the state of Hidalgo.

The climate in this region is semi-cold and sub-humid with rains in summer. The average annual temperature ranges from 5 to 24 °C; it rarely falls below 2 °C or rises above 28 °C.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, the best time to visit is from March to May, but don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes and shoes, sunblock and a hat. If you’re traveling during the holiday season, remember to wear warm clothes.




Driving from Mexico City

 The capital of the country is located 186 kilometers away by car and in two hours you can reach Chignahuapan by road. We suggest you travel on the toll highway; while it is true that you must pay tolls, you have the advantage of having travel insurance for the entire journey.

Another option is to take a bus at the Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente TAPO, which will drop you off in the city of Chignahuapan.




If you prefer to arrive by air, the key is to arrive at Puebla International Airport, which is located less than 120 kilometers from Chignahuapan and there you can choose between taking a bus, taxi or car that will take you to this Magical Town, you will arrive in less than two hours.

Have a nice trip!

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