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Chignahuapan without limits


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Alone or accompanied, in Chignahuapan you will always make new friends who will take you to enjoy its natural beauty to the fullest.

Surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, lakes, forests, and plenty of fresh air, your heart and lungs will be filled with extreme joy. Never stop, your new life -more vibrant and exciting- starts now in this unparalleled Magical Town.

Nivel: Internacional

Spartan Race
is here to stay

Spartan Race  is a series of obstacle races of varying distances and difficulties. Ranging from 4.83 kilometers to marathon distances.

These began in the United States, but are currently held in 30 countries, including Canada, South Korea, Australia, Chile, and several European countries.


Chignahuapan is one of the few fortunate places that have this international event, endorsed by its excellent organization, participation and obviously, its enviable environment. Here the protagonist is the Sierra Madre Oriental, where the deep and spectacular ravines of the north of the state begin.

The race has three different modalities, depending on the level of the participants. The 21 and 10 km races are held in Chignahuapan. But if the obstacles are not your thing, or you still do not feel ready, you can try Spartan Trail, in its modalities of 10 or 21 km without obstacles.

Enjoy a world-class event in the spectacular surroundings of this Magical Town.

Live a unique experience
in nature!

Where and with whom to venture

It is important that you know with whom to live the best experiences, always with safety and you as a priority.



Al Final de la Senda

Is a place merged in the forest with cabins and a restaurant, but what interests us here is its adventurous side, enjoying a fabulous natural environment.

Here you will have adrenaline and speed on a zip line, climb a climbing wall among the trees, go mountain biking, or enjoy all that nature has to offer on a horse.

Facebook: @alfinaldelasenda


The hanging bridge
at Salto de Quetzalapan.

The water that falls is from the Quetzalapan River, which comes from the Chignahuapan Lagoon. Right there is a recreational area that offers a variety of activities.

People rappel on one side of the waterfall, lose their fear of heights on the zip line that passes over it, allow children to do the same on the children’s zip line that crosses the river, or walk along the high-tension cable, ready to give a little adrenaline to those who cross it

In addition, there is an area reserved for camping.

Zip line circuits, trekking routes and biking trails are some of the options offered by this destination.




The surrounding area can be explored by ATV and motocross. The group Monstruos de Agua offers tours from one to seven hours.

Con ellos se atraviesan ríos y barrancas, montañas y cuevas. With them, you can cross rivers, ravines, mountains, and caves. And those who are in Chignahuapan during the Feria Nacional del Arbol y la Esfera, will not want to miss the day when a special route is organized.

If you are interested in this activity,
contact Abel and Lázaro Rivera,
M. 797 113 5057
M. 797 105 8651




Here the experts are our friends at Hacienda Amoltepec. It is possible to hike, horseback ride, or do mountain biking in the surroundings, plus they offer boat rides on a beautiful lake.

Your visit will include a tasting of the agave honey and pulque distilled there. Furthermore, the hacienda has ten rooms arranged around a courtyard with a fountain in the central area, to relive a dreamlike era

The town is especially linked to its beautiful lagoon of the same name.

Axolotl Extrem3

Will take you almost by the hand to have fun for a whole week, if you want. Every day, choose or live a different experience in environments that will amaze you.

Every day, choose or live a different experience in environments that will amaze you. It can be a mountain bike, buggy, jeep or ATV tour.

It passes through rivers and outstanding places, such as the ancient Acueducto Los Arcos, a monumental construction with a height of 28.5 meters, another landmark of Chignahuapan and one of the largest in the region. At some point it served to carry water throughout the region starting from the former hacienda of Atlamaxac.

Another tour that you can go on with Axolotl Extrem3 is to get to Presa Cuautelolulco in any of these fun vehicles. But, if there is any place you want to experience even more, ask them to organize a camping trip to spend the night under the stars in Chignahuapan.

Don’t forget that the lagoon is a must-see in kayak or pedal boats, with them too.

Facebook: @axolotlextrem3

Rancho Doña Chuy

Apart from staying and eating with a view of the lagoon, this is another excellent place to rent boats and get to know this Magical Town from the waters.

Facebook: @ranchodonachuy


Rodando Rutas Mágicas

With them it is possible to turn one of your dreams into reality: to join a safe and responsible group to ride in the Magical Towns. Of course, they come to Chignahuapan.

The first destination they reach is the waterfalls of Salto de Quetzalapan. They start in Mexico City.

Another road trip organizer of Axolotl Jedi

With amazing landscapes, Chignahuapan is ideal for adventure sports..

Rodada del Ajolote

Offers recreational and sporting activities, such as intermediate level mountain biking. You will love it.

Facebook: @rodadadelajolotechignahuapan


Club de Pesca Deportiva

Organizes every year, in November, the National Tournament of Trout in the Laguna de Chignahuapan. In addition to spending a day full of surprises, you will make new friends and enjoy this spectacular lake in all its magnificence.

The Fishing Club also has very laudable projects such as the breeding of ajolotes, and always fulfills the promise of cleaning and maintenance of the lagoon with events of this type..

Facebook: @ClubdePescaDeportivaChignahuapan

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