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Art that captivates the eye and cheers the heart


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Although it is true that Chignahuapan is part of a region dedicated mainly to agricultural and livestock activities, since the sixties it has shown its artistic vocation with great success.

This story began in 1965, when the first glass-blowing workshops were founded and the craftmen specialized in producing Christmas spheres.

Today this Magical Town is recognized in Mexico and the world for the quality of its products. More than 400 workshops export their handicrafts not only to the main cities of the country, but also to the United States and Europe.



Timeless gifts that are full of life

It is worth mentioning that blown-glass handicrafts go beyond the Christmas season. In the main boutiques of the city, you can buy decorative elements with unique designs and a wide variety of themes.

The traveller in search of a special gift can choose from an endless number of options: hearts for the Día del Amor y la Amistad, skulls for the Día de Muertos altars, toys, movie characters to treat children on their day, and even figures to decorate the home, which on May 10 will surely delight Mom.

Boutiques of blown-glass christmas spheres and ornaments

Esferas Campanita

The modest façade should not confuse you, inside you will find an authentic palace of objects that will dazzle you. The most difficult thing will be to buy in moderation.

Blvd., Gustavo Díaz Ordaz 13,
Downtown, 73300
C.797 100 1748

Caska, Casa de diseño

Their store is a dream come to life, as if you were entering the home of Santa Claus himself at the North Pole.

La Galería, Hermenegildo Galeana 9,
Downtown, 73300
C.01 222 897 7888


If you are looking for more contemporary pieces, you should get to know Artesanato’s designs. Currently, they do not have a physical store, but you can request a catalog through their social networks. Their products are enchanting because of the seasonal colors and original textures they use. 

FB: artesanatoChignahuapan
M. 222.390.1182 


Wood carved without haste

Since Chignahuapan is located in a wooded area, its craftsmen also produce beautiful wooden pieces, some are carved with gouges and others use the pyrogravure technique, which consists of burning the wood with a hot engraver that produces a decorative pattern.

In this Pueblo Mágico, you will find beautiful pieces handcrafted in cedar, pine, ayacahuite and sabino wood.

The most representative handicrafts of the region are the Danzante Santiaguero—carved in cedar and wearing traditional clothing, the ajolote or water guardian, the owl—the emblem of the local fauna, and the jaguar’s head among others.

Artesanías Romano
M. 797 131 3155

Puebla pottery,
unique in Mexico

In Puebla, the pottery tradition is very old, dating back to the 16th century, when the Spanish taught the indigenous people how to make Talavera, due to the impossibility of importing it from the Old World because of its high cost.

Currently, in Chignahuapan, the production of red clay flourishes: smooth, varnished, or hand-painted to create earthenware, vases, pots and even ornamental figures.

This process differs from that of other Mexican states because in this city the clay is ‘stepped’ or kneaded with the feet. After shaping, it is dried in the sun and fired twice in brick ovens so that the colors acquire their characteristic shine and texture.

Alfarería Castro
Romero Vargas 54 Teoconchila
M. 222 425 1149


Magical Fabric

Puebla is among the main ovine livestock producers in Mexico and the wool from these animals is sold at affordable prices, which has consolidated a community of artisans who make clothing with this natural fiber on backstrap looms following an ancestral technique. 

We recommend visiting the family workshops open to the public, where you can buy wool jorongos, capes, or sarapes, perfect to fight the cold in the winter season. 

As for the embroidery practice, it is also handmade, mainly by women who create beautiful clothes with elaborate designs on dresses, blouses and headbands, among many other pieces. 


El Mural Cosmogónico

To conclude this trip to Chignahuapan with a grand finale, you must visit the municipal palace and discover a beautiful mural painted by the artist Héctor Castilla Arroyo at the entrance. 

This artwork represents through vibrant passages, the cultural richness of this Pueblo Mágico: its traditions, religion, architecture, and tourism. Not only that, but it tells the story of a community that has fought to preserve its identity through time. 

Finally, observing each figure will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of color that expresses the purest Mexicanity.

Municipal Palace, Plaza de La Constitución, Downtown

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