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Colorful love in the Sierra Norte of Puebla


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◖  Chignahuapan is a complete destination that offers, to lovers, much more than the Annual Festival of the Light and the Life, and the typical hand-painted Christmas spheres; as it is also a dream place for romance. 

Here you will find the perfect place to celebrate your wedding; also, a mountain paradise for an unforgettable honeymoon or if you want to experience a romantic weekend getaway, you can choose between a cozy cottage or experience the latest travel trend: glamping with all its charms.

Ex Hacienda de Atlamaxac

◖  It is one of the star lodgings of this Magical Town and its construction dates back to the end of the 17th century.

Interestingly enough, in its architecture we can appreciate an elegant French influence and it is said that in its time of splendor it was the main center of gathering and distributing grain in central Mexico.

Today, it is a magnificent hotel with white walls, vaults in high ceilings, an exquisite chapel, sixty rooms, three lounges and spacious gardens. Are you looking for a magical place for your wedding? This may be the ideal choice.

Roseville Ave., Teotlalpan



Hotel and cabins
Al Final de la Senda

◖  This is a magnificent lodging for its versatility; to have quiet afternoons by the heat of the fireplace or if you prefer more action, we recommend a vigorous bike ride, hiking or zip-lining; and at nightfall, outdoor bonfires to admire the stars and feel more in love than ever.

To regain strength, its 12 rooms have a simple but functional design; TV, fireplace and private bathroom. Another attraction is surely its restaurant, popular among locals for its special menu of regional dishes.

Chignahuapan-Tlaxco Highway,
Km 18.5 Ciénega Larga



Cabins and Glamping
Las Nubes Chignahuapan

◖  For avid couples to try the latest travel trends, Las Nubes offers a sustainable lodging alternative, in contact with nature, pet friendly and fancy: glamping in the mountains.

Las Nubes is located just 11 minutes from downtown and offers outdoor cabins; however, with all the amenities, private bathroom and views that will take your breath away. In addition, you can also bring your pet!

Highway to los baños termales, 73300

Eat, pray and love
with unforgettable views
of Laguna de Chignahuapan

The grandmothers used to say that love comes through the stomach and nothing is so true when you enjoy a good cut of meat or a typical dish, like the Mole Poblano, admiring the reflections in the water of the Laguna de Chignahuapan in the company of that person who makes you sigh.

Here some restaurants
that we recommend
to go as couple:

Laguna Brasil

Living up to its name, this site offers a buffet of fine cuts in Brazilian-style swords, with a bar of salads, desserts and drinks. Its terrace offers one of the best views of the lagoon.

73300, Center



Restaurante Terraza del Hotel Nueve Manantiales

◖  Located in front of the lagoon, the terrace of this lodging is probably one of the best spots in the city to take an unforgettable selfie with your beloved one while enjoying a good glass of red wine in a contemporary atmosphere. 

On top of all of it, the hotel has a charming spa, where you can relax as a couple with one of the body treatments. This is a must-experience.

Guillermo Prieto S/N,

Rancho Doña Chuy

◖  One of the top Mexican restaurants in the area, specializing in Mexican appetizers, seafood bar, wine list and the best cocktails.


It also offers packages for lovers that include lodging and boat trips around the lagoon. It can not be more romantic than that.

Guillermo Prieto s/n,
Paseo de la Laguna,

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